About Us

The STUDENTS IN CLIMATE ACTION project aims improve school education and to raise awareness about the environmental and climate change challenges through education by employing innovative and participatory teaching and learning methods inspired by the Youth Activism and environmental education pedagogies and game-based learning approaches.

The project will develop, pilot and promote an innovative climate-change related curriculum to educate the new generation about the climate-change challenges and, also, to foster sustainable behavioural changes and key competences that promote green growth, encourage students to become active and responsible citizens, eager to provide sustainable and responsible solutions towards fighting climate change and, thus, positively benefit the environment and their communities.

The elaboration and implementation of a Teacher Training Programme combining different innovative educational approaches and tools, such as environmental and citizenship education, game-based learning, and civil discourse will lead to the development of the teachers’ professional skills in the long term.


To develop an innovative Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education students to increase their awareness about climate change and enable them to develop transversal and green-related skills.

To offer students highly engaging gaming experiences related to the climate change, to boost cultural growth, enhancement of cultural heritages, social inclusion, and cohesion processes involving local communities through the STUDENTS IN CLIMATE ACTION Board Game.

To develop a training program for educators and enable them to apply the STUDENTS IN CLIMATE ACTION Curriculum while simultaneously further advancing their professional development in youth and environmental activism pedagogies and in the effective use of civil discourse in the classroom.

To promote a culture of social mindfulness and responsibility regarding climate change.

IO1: Climate Change Education Learning Kit.

IO2: Environmental Activism Handbook.


IO4: STUDENTS IN CLIMATE ACTION teachers’ training programme on Climate Change Education.

IO5: STUDENTS IN CLIMATE ACTION Reflection and Assessment.

Primary and Secondary School students

Primary and Secondary School staff​

Primary and Secondary School students’ parents

Community members, third sector organizations at local level

Target groups

STUDENTS IN CLIMATE ACTION is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that runs from January 2020 to June 2023.​