Topic 1 What are the solutions to climate change?

To put a stop to climate change this we have to go to the source and change the basis of the whole energetic system, both the electric production and transportation, to clean renewable energies. We should also increase the sinks, that is stop deforestation and increase forest cover. We can also act on other sources of powerful greenhouse gases such as methane by dietary shifts, and having simultaneously a direct benefit on forests, since intensive farming is one of the main causes of deforestation. We will not get to zero emissions but the goal is to arrive to net zero, that is, that total amount of emissions we put in the atmosphere equals the emissions absorbed by the sinks each year. This way, at least we won’t be adding any more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Changing the energetic system to renewable clean energies is a slow process, because of the price of technologies and the great changes we have to make to build the infrastructure. But do we have the technologies available, is it possible to completely rely on renewable energies?